~ Molly Dugger Brennan ~
Writer, Speaker, Humorist-for-Hire,
and Definitely Less than Ladylike

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Well, look who's here!

Welcome to my virtual home sweet home.  My family arrived on the shores of Virginia in the early 1700s, having either borrowed money from or disappointed everyone in Europe and a significant portion of Scandinavia.  Being too lazy to pack for another big move, we have remained in Virginia ever since.

I am a Virginia Southerner down to my camellia pink toes.  Case in point:  I am never without the holy trinity of Southern living:  (1) a porch, (2) a pie, and (3) a pack of dogs. 

I must apologize to both my grandmothers Grace and Sallie Willie, neither of whom are alive to endure the embarrassment of my blog.  My writing style can only be described as "less than ladylike," a label that would have appalled both of them.  Both tried their best to steer me towards "nice lady" behavior.  Instead it seems that I am naturally inclined, perhaps even gifted, in less than ladylike conduct. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the stories on my blog, ladylike or not.  I also want to hear your opinions and ideas, so feel free to holler at me.  Oh and if you're of fragile, pearl-clutching constitution and easily offended, you have wandered into the wrong neck of the Internet woods.  Enough said.

Everybody else, come on in.  Let's have some fun.

                                                                                          Molly Dugger Brennan

ATTENTION READERS:  As of 25 Jun 14, the blog address is:

  Molly on a particularly good hair day.

If you think your friends and family would enjoy my stories, please share this site with them.  I'd appreciate the help with my campaign to become famous and therefore possibly rich.  You're a peach!

I make things up and write them down.
~ Neil Gaiman ~
We tell ourselves stories in order to live.
~ Joan Didion ~
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